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Andy Kuhr / Project Manager




Mark Marecki, Civil Engineer, EIT


  Mark brings a wide variety of experience to the CDS Design Team, and is responsible for development of projects from preliminary design and quality control to project delivery.

  He has experience as a Construction Foreman/Manager and has served as a Project Engineer for many types of projects. He joined the Complete Design Solutions Team in April of 2016 and is currently designing macro/micro telecom sites, reviewing shop drawings, performing site feasibility walks, and coordinating site development with utility and site acquisition companies.  His experience coordinating projects both small and large helps him keep them on schedule and within budget.

  Mark earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Specialization in Construction Engineering and Management,  He is experienced with Civil 3D CAD2016 Design and is an ASCE and NSLS member. 

James Downey, Managing Partner


  ​Jamie has been working in the Telecommunications Design Industry for over 30 years.  After working as an Architectural    Draftsman for two years, he accepted a project management position at an Architectural and Engineering firm where he created and implemented Telecommunication Design practices from initial site visit through record drawings. 

 This resulted in the completion of nearly 10,000 Telecom and Fiber Optic Design projects across the country.  He eventually worked his way into a Sector Leader position where he became responsible for marketing, strategic planning, supervision of staff, and daily operations. 

  He has managed major projects for multiple Telecom, E911, and Utility clients, dealing directly with municipalities, permitting agencies, building owners, and equipment manufacturers. 

  In April of 2016, Jamie took his 29 years of Telecom Design experience, and became a Managing Partner at Complete Design Solutions.  He currently oversees business development and strategic planning for the Design Division.

Patrick McIlvenna, Managing Partner


​  Pat began his career as a residential Real Estate Specialist and after several years, set his focus on Wireless Site Acquisition.  In 1996 he became the Site Acquisition Team Leader at PDH Inc where he secured locations for wireless communication facilities throughout the Midwest, and oversaw the completion of multiple project milestones.  Other essential duties included zoning presentations, working with neighborhood organizations, and obtaining necessary permit approvals. While in this role Pat worked with Monroe County, Indiana Communications Task Force to help develop a new wireless communication ordinance for the county.  

  He eventually moved into a Project Management position with PDH.  In addition to overseeing daily operations, he also worked directly with multiple wireless carriers’ management teams on major projects. Within four years Pat was promoted to VP of Marketing & Business Development at Fortune Diversified Industries, where he branched out into the marketing, sales, and business development of four wireless infrastructure divisions.

  Pat is currently the President of PBM Wireless Services, and a Managing Partner at Complete Design Solutions where he provides a full range of site acquisition and development services to the Telecom Industry.